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Wed 17 Aug - 5:00 PM to 9:30 PM


Supporting gender equity in science is a commitment for both Australia and France and there are opportunities for each country to learn from the other to better facilitate women’s scientific careers at any level.

This event is presented by Powerhouse in partnership with The Australian-French Association for Research and Innovation as part of Sydney Science Festival 2022. Tickets are free but bookings are essential as places are limited.


Prof. Katherine Daniell is a Research Fellow at the 3A Institute – the Australian National University’s innovation institute building a new branch of engineering to take AI-enabled cyber-physical systems safely, responsibly and sustainably to scale. She is also President of the Australian French Association for Research and Innovation.

Dr Claudie Haigneré is a former astronaut with the French Space Agency and was the first French woman in space. She worked on space medicine including physiology, development biology and fluid physics.

Prof. Natalie Hannan is the Associate Dean, Diversity and Inclusion in the Faculty Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences at the University of Melbourne. She is passionate about developing new approaches to combat major complications in pregnancy.

Dr Madge Martin is a young researcher at the French research agency CNRS, and a L’Oréal-UNESCO Fellow for Women in Science. She allies mathematics, mechanics and biology to better understand spine curvatures such as scoliosis.

Dr Jiawen Li is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Adelaide and a L’Oréal-UNESCO Fellow for Women in Science. She uses her expertise in optical engineering to build hair-sized endoscopes that will lead to early and accurate diagnoses of various diseases.