About Novo Globo

How it started

Michael Imstepf, Founder of Novo Globo
Photograph by Andreas Huwiler

Novo Globo was created by Michael, and inspired by his passion for environmentalism, holistic health, and rethinking the way we do business.

Michael’s interest in health and wellbeing started early.
Having lost many of his relatives to cancer and other illnesses at a young age, he committed to learning as much as he could about diet, nutrition, exercise and mental wellbeing so as not go down a similar path.

However, after leaving Switzerland and completing a Master’s Degree in International Business, he found himself immersed in the modern corporate world, but still thinking to himself “there has to be another way.”

Michael longed to be part of a system that would nurture the environment rather than exploit it. That cared for the health and wellbeing of the people within it, and was committed to connecting people that had the same vision.
Rather than waiting for change he decided to take action and created his own company.

Novo Globo was born out of the desire to connect those that like Michael think outside the business box and want to make real change rather than wait for it.
Who structure their businesses around a heart centred model that works to reduce the negative impact on the planet and those we share it with.

Since starting on his journey Michael has met and made friends with many inspiring people who continue to convince him that the winds of change are truly in the air. We hope you enjoy finding out more about them here.

Our mission

Novo Globo exists to inspire, connect and empower companies and individuals who wish to operate in a mindful way and take steps towards a better future for our world and its people.

We do this by providing the knowledge, local network and technology to individuals and businesses who are also on a journey of becoming more heart-centred, purposeful and sustainable and are looking for ways to accelerate the positive impact they leave on our world.

On this site you will find local brands, events and people who are also on the same path, and like us you can trust to uphold a strict ethical code around the way they do business and the products they offer.

If you share the same vision and wish to get in touch we would love to hear from you.