Where & when

Wed 20 Jul - 5:20 PM to 10:20 PM


A hybrid event this will live in person and online audience streamed around the globe.

We exist to Educate, Engage and Enable businesses around the world with the SDGs. To inspire us all to take action and embed the Global Goals and impact into the very core of everything we do.

The format... well is simple.

17 Global Goals to explore...

Amazing Speakers

17 minute Keynotes each

Inspired Audience

1 Shared Purpose!!!

Each speaker has a 17 minute keynote to share with us how they are using their business to make an impact in the world, and how they align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

All speakers are home grown heroes from the Sydney area, ready to inspire their community on how to do things a little differently. 

Our Panel discussion QnA session to close the event. 

Our Impact

Our "Tickets4Good" are each connected to amazing impacts around the world thanks to our partnership with B1G1. 

Your ticket purchase will contribute to global projects that are directly contributing to achieving the 2030 Agenda for the Global Goals.

1 Ticket4Good will make one of the following impacts in the world:

  • 10 Days of education for children in the world
  • 100 Days of clean water access for people around the globe
  • 2 trees planted in the earth