Plants & mental health: Intro to mono-print (16+yrs) logo

Plants & mental health: Intro to mono-print (16+yrs)

Plants & mental health: Intro to mono-print (16+yrs)
Plants & mental health: Intro to mono-print (16+yrs)
Plants & mental health: Intro to mono-print (16+yrs)

Monoprint translates literally as ‘a form of printmaking where the image can only be made once’.

Explore the ethereal process of Monoprint in this fun and relaxing workshop for beginners this October as part of our Mental Health Month program.

Join naturalist & environmental educator Diego Bonetto for a fun and educational monoprint workshop using local wild edible weeds that exist on our suburban streets, in parks and even outside your front door.

Learn about the most common edible weed species growing in your garden, along the green belts of your neighbourhood and in urban parks and reserves.

Find out how these often-overlooked weeds have been used for food, craft and natural remedies while creating your own unique, one-off art print straight from the plant's leaves!

  • Intimate class size: maximum 12 students 
  • Level: designed for beginner students 
  • Wear: comfortable clothing and enclosed shoes 
  • Bring yourself – all materials provided

About Diego Bonetto:

Diego Bonetto is an artist, forager, speaker, keen naturalist and award-winning cultural worker based in Sydney. His work enables convivial conversations around belonging, sustainability and agency. In other words, he offers an alternative for people to re-engage with their neighbourhoods, streets and footpaths through edible adventures. With environmental art campaigns such as WeedyConnection and Wild Stories he has shared insights into edible and medicinal wild plants in Australia and fostered culturally aware interpretations of landscape. Bonetto regularly offers workshops, foraging tours and events that reframe environmental identity and stewardship. He collaborates extensively with chefs, dancers, media art practitioners, journalists and academics, craft workers, herbalists, brewers, educators, landowners and elders of many ethnicities.

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