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he Great Southern BioBlitz is an international period of intense biological surveying to try to record all living species across the southern hemisphere. Now in its third year, the City of Sydney is participating for the first time, and we want everyone to join.

All you need to do is download the iNaturalist app or log in through the website. Make observations including location data, photographs or sound recordings, of any wild plants, birds, insects, reptiles, spiders, frogs, mammals, fungi - basically anything living during the bioblitz. You have until 14 November to upload your observations in iNaturalist, making sure to link the observations to the Great Southern Bioblitz 2022 – Great Sydney as the project.

The observations you make provide vital information on local biodiversity, aiding in ongoing efforts to protect and improve the ecology of the city.

So, get out there in your parks, gardens, backyard, balcony, streets, or anywhere that you can find some wildlife, make observations, become a citizen scientist and help to record and protect biodiversity in your neighbourhood.

Or join us for habitat surveys of Sydney Park (Friday 28 October) and Federal Park (Monday 31 October).