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‘As the climate crisis accelerates, sustainable design is no longer enough- we need to restore the damage humanity has done to the planet’ – Crafts magazine UK.

Everyday Deity artists, Soraya Abidin, Clayton Barr, Gillian Bencke, Marianne Bohdan, Morgan Dick, Sai-Wai Foo, Tina Fox and Christina Newberry, delve into the inner and outer realms of regenerative crafts. 

Through conscious acts of making, artists seek to shift the way we interact with and understand craft. With a process-orientated awareness, Everyday Deity artists honour individual rituals of making and contributions to climate restoration. Join us for our opening night as part of Craft Up Late.









This event is part of the Sydney Craft Week Festival 7-16 October 2022.

SCW is an Australian Design Centre initiative. View the complete festival program.