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Drawing and meditation class

Drawing and meditation class
Drawing and meditation class

This is a gentle drawing workshop that encourages the enjoyment of drawing but also teaches foundation drawing techniques that will encourage the habit of sketching.

We will be going through various beginner drawing exercises week by week and incorporating mindfulness exercises to create a stress-free learning environment.

The aim of this course is to encourage you to draw by giving you basic drawing techniques.

This class will be taught by Kan Perera a professional Artist in the Animation and Entertainment Industry.

No experience is necessary. Welcome Beginner artists and artists who want to get back into drawing for fun. And also artists who want to build their fundamental drawing skills.

Spots are limited, Class size will be small.


Blank Paper and pens will be provided. However please bring your own sketchbook (if you have one) and favourite drawing materials as we will be building a sketchbook throughout the class.