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BodyWeather classes: block 4

BodyWeather classes: block 4
BodyWeather classes: block 4

This fourth block of six 2-hour weekly Monday classes will be led by Victoria Hunt & Tess De Quincey, renowned solo dancers and choreographers with De Quincey Co dance-performances and research.

“The body is not a set entity. It constantly changes, like the weather.” – Min Tanaka, founder of BodyWeather

Join our latest classes to keep your body, mind and imagination fit and flowering! Share and explore the space together, exchanging energy and learning from each other's observations and let our individual and collective flow of energies move together.

In our classes at Sydney's beautiful Brand-X dance hub, you can rest assured that both the venue and our teaching systems are in place for us to be Covid-Safe.

You can drop in as a casual attendee or get discounted full-block bookings.

About BodyWeather

BodyWeather is a movement practice that fuses contemporary and ancient knowledge from both the East and the West. Exploring sensation and imagination, a range of playful exercises develop creativity, sensitivity and insight. Different energies and ways of moving and being – from fast and dynamic to slow and meditative – enable discovery of the body as an environment connecting to the greater environment.

Founded in Japan and adopted internationally, BodyWeather has roots in kinesiology, martial arts, dance and theatre. It was introduced to Australia in 1989 by Tess de Quincey who was a dancer with Min Tanaka in Japan 1985-1991. Bringing together lineages of physical traditions with contemporary thought, it opens new doors to ancient knowledge and wisdom.