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Beeswax wraps: Make your own

Beeswax wraps: Make your own
Beeswax wraps: Make your own
Beeswax wraps: Make your own

Discover how to minimise your plastic consumption and create a greener household with our fun live beeswax wrap classes online.

Unpack your box and inside you’ll find all the materials you need to make eco-friendly wraps, perfect for protecting fruit and vegetables. Your teacher will be hosting the live online class via Zoom and will be there to take you through the materials, and show you how to make your own beeswax wraps using what’s inside the box and tools you already have in your own home.

Using pretty cotton fabrics, you can make fun lunch wrappers for the kids and yourself. They are perfect to use in the kitchen to wrap up food, such as bread or cheese or cut fruit or provide covers for jars. A quick wipe and they can be used again.

In this live online class you will learn:

  • What ingredients you need to use to make your beeswax wraps sticky and the different types of waxes.
  • Techniques to make wraps and how to use and look after them.
  • How to make a sandwich wrap.
  • How to revive and refresh existing wraps.
  • An opportunity to ask lots of questions.

Please note this class is only available to students in QLD, NSW & VIC. Due to bio-security laws, the craft kits cannot be shipped outside these states.