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Ridiculously comfy & sustainable undies for men



Vital for the regulation of muscle mass, fat distribution and libido, as well confidence and energy, this hormone is at the heart of what make men great. 

Unfortunately, many of the synthetic materials found in the clothes we wear are waging a constant war on Testosterone, with levels of this vital hormone dropping on average yearly. 

This is why it pays to wear undergarments that are made from natural fibres.

Debriefs is a company offering a range of men’s underwear that are not only made from all natural materials, but have environmentalism at their core.

Made from organically grown beechwood fibres that won't mess with your man parts, their underwear is soft and breathable and require 20x less water per pair to produce than traditional cotton briefs.  

They are also ethically woven in factories that run on solar energy, and shipped to your door in biodegradable packaging. 

Offering free shipping throughout Australia as well as discounts on bulk orders, Debriefs are the underwear choice for the conscious gentleman. 

Click here to check out they range and learn more about their mission.

Your hormones will thank you!

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