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Where you put your money matters, now more than ever. 

And if you’re making an effort to spend your earnings ethically, then it makes sense to store them ethically too. 

Bank Australia is a bank for people who not only want safe and easy access to their funds, but also want to know that their money is working towards a more just and sustainable future.  

It is also Australia’s first customer run bank. Which means you have a say not only in how your money is invested, but also in the many positive impact initiatives Bank Australia implements within its work practice.  

Some of which include:

  • Comment to run their business on 100% renewable energy.
  • The acquisition of 2117 hectares of conservation reserve in Western Victoria.   
  • Being a partner to both Greening Australia and Trust for Nature that work towards the protection and regeneration of rural land and its animals. 
  • Clean car loans, that aim to offset the total estimated CO2 emissions from vehicles financed annually.  
  • Being certified a carbon neutral business. 
  • Keeping all jobs and offices onshore in Australia.

Among many others.

With a clean money promise ensuring your funds will never be used in ways that may harm the environment, and a track record for conceiving initiatives that ensure the conservation of both wildlife and the land, Bank Australia is by far the first choice for the ethical consumer.